21 Jan 2016

Elements students don’t let the beat drop

Elements courses Now That ‘s What I Call Music and World of Dance came together, this week, for a workshop which focused on the joy of sharing music and dance. African drumming group Drum Jam led a session which encouraged every member of the group to play, dance and find a rhythm while being aware of their fellow performers.

After some introductory group drumming, Drum Jam challenged students to dance a rhythm while the drummers followed the beat.

Music Teacher Phil Tudor said; “Now That is What I Call Music is about new music experiences. Students have had guidance and tuition on how to play the; guitar, ukulele and drums as well as instruction on music technology but we focus on the joy of playing together and developing a skill rather than a final production.”

PE Teacher Rachel Trinder said; “This semester World of Dance students have been experiencing dances from around the world, having a cultural awareness of a style of music and dance adds to the enjoyment of learning and it makes the students better performers!”


Year 9 student Shakti Jacota said; “I really enjoyed Now That is What I Call Music, it is a more relaxed way of learning and there is a lot of freedom, you can play instruments or do things electronically.

“Today the dancing was kind of embarrassing but it was really fun, it was a new experience.  I play the guitar and violin and I love playing with a group but performing individually is nerve racking so NTWICM was great for me!”

Year 9 student Faithfulgrace Ogwu said; “ I really enjoy dance, I did it in primary and I just wanted to take this opportunity to do more.”

“It is a different way of expressing myself, it is really fun and lively – it makes me happy. The jazz and theater workshops this semester were really cool, it was a new way of learning!”

“The drumming was really really fun – either you have fun and try it or you just sit and do nothing. I have experience with instruments so I really enjoyed the drumming – I like the way the leader taught us she really encouraged us to expand our creativity.”