21 Jan 2016

Students get excited about the future at Higher Educational Fair

Universities and higher educational institutions from around the world were represented at the Higher Educational Fair at Island School on 20 January 2016. Over a 1000 students from different schools in HK spoke to representatives from 170 universities.

Popular with students were the many representatives from the UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong. The number of attending institutions from Australia, Asia and Europe continues to grow.

Head of Careers and HE Guidance/Applied Learning Pathway Coordinator Roger Wilkinson said; “This is the main Higher Educational event of the year within ESF and its benefits are massive, students get really excited about their future. They find courses they love and they understand what they need to do to achieve their goals!”

“Coordinating the Fair is a lot of work and my colleagues in the Higher Educational department and the student volunteers work really hard, their huge dedication to the event makes it the success it is!”