16 Aug 2017

Induction Week 2017-2018

Students across all years made new friends, worked in teams and challenged themselves during Island School’s Induction Week 2017.
See photos of the Year 7 form groups, Year 12 retreat, Year 13 G4 science projects, Exploration students team building, and the egg drop challenge.


In a two day science project, during induction week, Year 13 students were set some “myth busting” challenges! The Group 4 science teachers asked some cod-science problems e.g. does walking in the rain keep you drier than running, is your resting heart rate a reliable predictor of your sporting performance and … can you walk on custard?!

Working in small groups students: designed methodology, examined molecular structure, tested and found answers to these hypotheses.

Year 13 student Karen Ng said, “It was so fun to have G4 as part of our first week as Year 13s. This year can seem intimidating, but G4 reminded us how great it is to be learning every day within this community.”