8 Aug 2017

World Scholars’ Cup – Students Win Medals and Trophies

At the global round of the World Scholars’ Cup Island School students won medals and trophies in a competition of over 3600 students, held in June 2017. In the months leading up to the event, students independently researched relevant topics, ranging from military coups to mythological stories. The competition’s overarching theme was “An Unlikely World”. In teams they debated, wrote essays, and answered questions from the Scholar’s Challenge curriculum, honing their skills.

The scores
In the “Cheater’s Round” of the team quiz Van An Trinh came 11th, and placed in the top 1% of all Junior Division scholars.
Island School students came in the top 100 teams in both the individual debate and writing rounds, with four students finishing in the top 15% overall.
In the Senior Division, six students received medals for their overall performance.
Anya Saunders placed 14th in the “Challenge” round.
Daanyal Ebrahim placed 17th in debate round.
The team of: Daanyal Ebrahim, Maryjoy Kawano and Hannah Lee placed 9th in the team debate round, winning a trophy for their efforts.

The Scholars’ Cup aims to foster a global community. Students have the opportunity to meet others from different nations, not only in debates but in a scavenger hunt, at social events, and at the Scholars’ Ball. The Island School World Scholars’ Cup will be joining the Hong Kong round in 2018.

By Van An Trinh, Media Team.