18 Aug 2017

Private Cars and Parking

Students travelling to school by private car from Magazine Gap Road and Bowen Road should be dropped off at the junction of Bowen Road and Borrett Road.

Students travelling to school by private car from Kennedy Road and Borrett Road should drive right round the roundabout by the school and alight by the wooden steps on the way back down Borrett Road. Students should not be dropped off in the car park or on the approach to the car park from the roundabout.

At the end of school, students may only be picked up from Bowen Road. It is essential that parents keep to this rule. At the end of the school day, the upper section of Borrett Road by the school is full of buses that are being boarded by over 800 students. If private cars are there at this time to pick individual students up, this increases the risk of accidents and makes the road much more unsafe. Students may be picked up by private cars and taxi from 3:10pm once the buses have departed.