14 Mar 2016

Young Post features Rugby Playing Shona, Year 13

The South China Morning Post – Young Post has featured rugby playing Shona Mihan in Year 13.

Shona plays rugby for her club the Stingrays and the Hong Kong National U19 Girls team. The article talks about her proudest moment being named captain for the New Year’s Day tournament in 2016. She explains how she got back to form twice after breaking her collarbone and how she overcame her fear of being tackled and sustaining a third break.  She said; “I had to prepare with weightlifting and body weight exercises to increase the muscle in and around my shoulder.” “I now wear body armour to protect my collarbone.”

Read the full article here. SCMP- Young Post, 13th March 2016.

Click here to read the article in full. SCMP- Young Post, 13th March 2016.

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