17 Mar 2016

International Pi Day

On International Pi Day 3.14 (14th March) students celebrated with a carnival of activities from food stalls to fair games.20160314_132923_resizededit

Teacher of Mathematics  Alicia Kollin said; “There were Pie Face games where brave students were splattered with whipped cream, a hoop toss where students attempted to throw their hoop exactly 3.14 meters, reciting pi to 20 decimal points (and beyond), delicious pizza, and pies served in pi radian portions.

Whilst the carnival’s aim was to celebrate a remarkable annual event, the student volunteers were fortunate enough to also raise money for Unison.”

A charity that  advocates for better Chinese language education policies for ethnic minorities, expanding ethnic minority students’ post-secondary options in education, and fighting for equal access to public services.

Ms. Kollin said; “Thank you to all the students who volunteered to make Pi Day as unique as the number it is named after.”


“The school enjoys stable, visionary and thoughtful leadership, a faculty and staff dedicated to the well-being and learning of their students, students who are proud of their school and eager to attend it and strong governance provided through the ESF and the School Council.”