15 Dec 2021

Year 9 Geography Trip to Mui Wo

Year 9 Geography students spent their day off timetable to Mui Wo to explore the diverse landscape and surrounding community on 7 and 9 December.

To further strengthen their understanding of the area based on sustainable tourism business ideas, students visited significant landmarks such as the Silvermine Cave and an abandoned school around the area. They were able to witness the more rural side of Hong Kong as they spotted buffalo on marshlands, hiked across the various trails on the island.

Students were grateful for the opportunity and the fact that it was their first time to go on a field trip.

Dylan Chen (9F) said, “The geography trip was really enjoyable. We got to visit many interesting areas like the waterfall and beach. I enjoyed walking around and being able to get to know the island better. It was a really great experience.”

Overall, students found the trip enjoyable and educational, and great for stimulating their ideas in their upcoming assessment.

Article by Piya Baura, Shafay Khan, Media Team

Photos by the Media Team