16 Dec 2021

Rutherford Charity Week 2021

From carnival games to Dress Green Day, Rutherford House had their annual charity week successfully held on 6 – 9 December with cheers and spirit.

Supporting ImpactHK, the whole House first gathered on 2 December and listened to Jeff Rotmeyer, founder and CEO of ImpactHK to learn more about the organisation – that its goal is not to just distribute food and water, but to build community and spread kindness.

Booth games were being played all week long culminating the Carnival was held on both sites on Thursday, 9 December. The students were particularly excited about the amazing hand-crocheted creatures made by Sophie and Abigail. A whole school Dress Green Day on the following day also saw a great support from staff and students, making the House raised in total of almost HK$25,000 for ImpactHK!

Anakin Teahan (12R), one of the leaders of the event said: “After numerous weeks of planning and preparation, I’m so glad that Rutherford Charity week was such an enjoyable and successful event for everyone. It was really nice to have the entire house be thoroughly involved in helping out with all the events throughout the week, and it was great to see so many people participating in all the guessing games and the carnival!”

Fiorelli Wong also recalled: “The success of Rutherford Charity week really went beyond my expectations. I am delighted that we, as a house, were able to be proactive when given the opportunity to support such a great cause. A special thank you to all who helped out during the week, this could not have been possible without you all.”

Mrs Stephanie Weathington, Senior Head of Rutherford House commented:

“Both Mr Scott and I agree that the greatest pleasure was seeing everyone coming together with the ability that we all have to do something more than just donate.

In term 2, Rutherford teachers, students, and parents will be participating in the Kindness Walk, a fundraising event organised by ImpactHK. We had more than 80 people expressing interest in signing up for the activity and we hope that this is just the start of many opportunities to come!”

Thank you to the committee members below for doing all the coordination and planning and made the event possible!

12R: Fiorelli Wong, Anakin Teahan, Abigail Ho, and Paco Cheung on Sha Tin Wai campus;

10R: Sophie Wong, Hannah Lam, Celine Rusli, Christy Rusli, and Arnav Gupta on Tai Wai campus.

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