3 Jun 2016

Year 13 Graduation

At the Year 13 Graduation, 1st June 2016, students heard from Goods of Desire Founder Douglas Young who told students to pursue their passions even if it takes a while to discover and it is ok to change your mind along the way.

Douglas Young whose humorous, provocative designs have won him commercial success said: “Being able to adapt and change is the most important skill you can learn as media and the markets continue to change.”

Other speakers at the Year 13 graduation included the out-going senior prefects. Sophia Rommel thanked everyone from teachers to support staff and parents to fellow students, inviting everyone to applaud them. James Debam apologised for not taking thing seriously and then delivered a very funny speech about his time at Island School.

Michelle Wong said putting as much as you can into Island School is worth it!

Ravi Mulchandani celebrated the individuality of fellow student Taka Hoshiyama in particular his exuberance and kindness saying: “Island School is a community that any individual can find their place in.” He also spoke about the significance of his House team and the support they have shown him.

Principal Chris Binge congratulated the students on their achievements and invited then all to return for the 50th anniversary celebrations next year.

All the graduating students 2015-2016 received their certificates from Mr Binge, special awards were made to:

Student                       Award
Hayley IP                     The Council Award
Heena Kothari            The Nan Roberson Prize
Youlim Song                The ISAA Award
Ronaq Mathur             The Chairman’s Award for Embodying the Island School Spirit
Steven Green              The Chairman’s Award for Service
Rachel Tse                   The Chairman’s Award for Creativity
Shona Mihan               The Chairman’s Award for Sport
Michelle Wong            The Chairman’s Award for Leadership
Chun Yu Yiu                The Jimmy Kim Award
Sophia Rommel          The David J.James Award
Taka Hoshiyama         The David J.James Award

The official and student photos from the day will be shares in the next few weeks (a few photos from the day).