3 Jun 2016

School Bus Application and PTA Membership

Dear Parents

The school bus application and PTA membership forms were posted to all families on Monday 30th May.  As some of the bus routes have changed/merged for 2016-2017 please check the route, stop and pick up times carefully.  The going home bus schedule is for information only. It is not possible to select different am and pm routes, except for the #10A.

Completed applications, cheques, photographs and self-addressed envelopes should be submitted to the PTA office as soon as possible.  Applications posted after 20th June will incur a mandatory late fee of $350.

The PTA office will close on Friday 15 July, bus passes will be posted during the week 11-15 July.


2016-2017 Bus Routes AM

2016-2017 Bus Routes PM

PTA Member Bus App 2016- 17

Best Regards

The Island School PTA