23 Jan 2020

Issac & Ryo Win World Mathematics Championships

Issac Chan (12N) and Ryo Ebihara (12E) beat participants from all around the world and won gold and silver medals in the World Mathematics Championships (WMC), held in Melbourne, December last year.

Fifteen Year 12 students took part in the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) in Jakata last September. Fifty contestants from all over the world worked in groups or individually to compete in 12 rounds which embody the spirit of communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, content knowledge, character, and cultural competence. After 5 days of nerve-cracking events, Issac won gold medals in Knowledge and Collaboration as well as a silver medal in the Challenge category. Ryo won silver medals in Cooperation and Creativity as well as bronze medals in Challenge, Collaboration and Strategy.

Issac commented that a lot of these competitive rounds aren’t restricted by pure mathematics, there are also real-life applications and practical skills involved such as presentation, Maths in Engineering, strategical thinking and cooperation, making WMC and SEAMC a truly unique experience. Overall this has been a very enjoyable experience where he learnt lots of practical skills. Other than taking home the medals and some memorable experiences, he has also made some new friends from around the world.