7 Feb 2023

Whole School Walk 2023

On Friday, 10 Feb Island School will be walking to raise money for children in severe financial need. The money raised goes to the Island School Trust and its charities including the Nicola and Kenneth Bursaries which supports driven and committed children struggling to cover their basic living costs.

Now on the island again different year groups will be in different locations:
Years 7&8 will be walking along Bowen Road,
Years 9-11 will be walking along the harbourfront
Years 12-13 will be completing the Peak loop.

After the walk students will return to school for a hot dog generously sponsored by Etak.

Students are encouraged to wear fancy dress, the first letter of your House is the theme of the fancy dress.

Form tutors have already given students sponsorship / pledge forms. Cash or cheques together with the sponsorship forms will be collected on Thursday 9 Feb during Thrive and again on Friday 10 Feb during registration. If every student donates $250 or more we can reach our target. In 2022 some families donated $3000 which is a total cost of a Nicola and Kenneth bursary, it is also the amount needed to support the tertiary education of students in Baiwan or sponsor a teenager in Katja House in Nepal.

The walk will happen within the school day and students should travel to and from school as normal.

This video made in 2021 represents all the people in the Island School community who care about the Island Trust and its charities. Generations of Islanders have change Hong Kong’s society and will continue to do so!