3 Feb 2023

Futures Exhibition

The Futures Exhibition, on 1st February, celebrates the incredible work of the Year 8 and 11 students. The Year 11s showcased the social action work they have been engaged in through the Explorations Team Project. Student groups have been investigating a global issue that has manifested itself within Hong Kong. They then spent the year engaging in a variety of service-learning actions in order to tackle their chosen issue. The exhibition was not only a celebration of their hard work but students could advocate for social change among the visiting: students, parents and family members and primary school students (from Beacon Hill School).

The Year 8 students shared some incredible performances from their Monsters, Moons and Legends interdisciplinary unit, as well as exhibiting their Solo E passion project.

Monsters, Moons and Legends is an interdisciplinary unit that combines the development of a foreign language with a drama performance. Ross Burrough, Deputy Head of Curriculum said, “Students have been exploring how personal choices around the different ways of communication, and the structure of stories allow for different forms of personal and cultural expression. Incorporating multiple subject disciplines in this manner provides students with a broader understanding of learning through exploring different insights.  “Through this, students created and delivered short performances in a foreign language that had the audience cheering throughout.”

The Solo E projects allows students to choose a passion or interest and look to develop their understanding of this further. They are guided to identify an issue or a particular area of growth and then critically investigate it. They aim to develop a new understanding and an outcome to build on. Mr Burrough said, “Those students, teachers and parents who were lucky enough to visit the exhibition, all were amazed to hear from the Year 8 students about the learning journey they had gone on and the competencies and skills they had developed in engaging in this project.”

“A big thank you to all the students who took part in the event and to the parent community for coming in to school and engaging with the day.”

Click here to see photos from the day.