28 Jun 2021

WANBO, 2020-2021 Year in Review

Throughout the 2020-21 academic year, WANBO continued to advocate their cause and kickstarted new initiatives focusing on zero waste, cleaner air and food waste .

WANBO Social Media Account @iswanbo

Previously, students attended ESF inter-school meetings where they shared their views and opinions on working towards a greener future. Recycling bins have also been set up in every classroom and in corridors.

The team has successfully launched the Zero Waste Initiative in Island School – a project with the goal of transforming waste into energy and usable resources. To combat waste at school, students set up recycling stations at both campuses. In addition to continuing to recycle paper, aluminium cans and general plastics, the wider community can bring in other waste items to be recycled as well, including Type 2 (HDPE) and Type 5 (PP) plastics, food and liquid cartons and polystyrene.

Zero Waste Initiative

WANBO also collaborated with NGOs in the environmental field to launch new inaugural initiatives, such as the Clean Air Initiative, where air quality data from all across Hong Kong were collected, analysed and interpreted. As part of their “Monthly Guest Speaker Advocacy Programme,” activists from the environmental field in Hong Kong, such as representatives from Plastic Free Seas and Clean Air Network, to provide students with a more thorough and in-depth understanding of these issues. Other NGOs with which we have discussed partnership for programmes include Plastic Free Seas, The Crossroads Foundation, WWF and Kids4SDGs.

Plastic Free Seas talks to WANBO Students

Furthermore, new sub-committees within WANBO were introduced to facilitate communication between Island School and external organisations. The success of these committees can be seen through the Green Week Inter-house Challenges, which witnessed the active participation of students across all year groups.

Green Week – Carton Collection Challenge

Sam Hui (11W), WANBO leader, said, “WANBO’s achievements this year have been tremendous. We would like to thank Mr Burrough in particular who has shone a beacon of light for us through these difficult times. His passion, creativity and dedication inspired many of our students. Thank you to our enthusiastic classmates as well who selflessly contributed their time to our activities. They definitely are the vibrant heart of the committee and the drive that keeps us going!

Clement Kwan (10R), WANBO leader, says, “It has been amazing seeing how much work WANBO has done even through the difficult times. I am very impressed and proud of the WANBO team and their commitment to our projects and plans.”

WANBO Student Leaders