28 Jun 2021

Global Politics & MG20 Club – 2020-2021 Year in Review

Over the past year, students in the Global Politics & MG20 Club developed their communications and leadership skills through examining different world issues.

What is the club about?

From Israel-Palestine conflict, the Venezuelan hyperinflation crisis, and the Afghan war, students investigated political issues around the globe through interactive activities and discussions. Not only they learned what it means to be critical and creative thinkers, but also they created posters, slideshow presentations, group projects, speeches to showcase their learning journey.

Sam Hui (11W) said, “We were very fortunate to have such wonderful students in this club – they were consistently curious, ardent and exuberant during sessions and often asked a lot of questions! Throughout the course of the year, it was pleasing to see students growing confidence at public speaking. We were very proud to see the achievements of this activity and can’t wait for what the new academic year holds.”

Global Political Economy Competition

On Tuesday 23rd February, a “Global Political Economy Competition” was conducted. Student teams completed questions on the role of governments and NGOs, the features of trade, the importance of treaties and deals between countries within a limited time.

On 9th March and 16th March 2021, the inaugural IS MG20 2021 was conducted. Model G20 allows students to step into the role of high-ranking government officials from the world’s largest economies. They then collaborate with countries to achieve global prosperity through a common vision. The event turned out to be extremely successful with students developing a high level of knowledge on climate change by investigating the diverse perspectives countries have on it.

IS MG20 2021

Global Politics & MG20 Club teamed up with many different school organisations to advocate a variety of events. On the 23rd March 2021, Global Politics & MG20 Club teamed up with WANBO to promote sustainability through debating the issue of climate change as national government officials. As part of the Women’s Liberation Week run by ISSJG on 13th April 2021, students also celebrated women’s rights through examining in detail the life of a prominent female politician.

These activities have all developed students’ collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Global Politics x ISSJ: Women’s Rights Presentation


Student Testimonies:

Mayur Menon (9D) said, “I really liked interacting with others and people I didn’t know previously. I feel more confident now.”

“We’ve developed a lot of skills, like listening and writing skills,” said Tony Luo (8D).

“Thank you to all the joy that the Global Politics club brought me,” explained Arnav Gupta (9R).

This club is currently led by Mr Stephen Budd, Sam Hui (11W), Sean Lee (11N), and supported by Mr Tony Williams, Mr Jason Wells, Ms Chileshe Chisulo and Mr Darren Siu. Next year, two new students will join the student leadership team. They are: Angus Leung (10N), Vijay Narayanan (8F).

Future student leader Vijay Narayanan (8F) also described his experience in the activity. “I enjoyed this activity very much. With IS MG20 and extensive simulations and projects, I’ve learnt a lot of valuable and insightful content. Global Politics & MG20 Club completely changed the way I viewed the world, and hope it will do the same for everyone who joins. I am looking forward to joining Sam and Sean!”

Angus Leung (10N), future student leader also said, “ We are optimistic that we will be able to host sessions at school in the next school year. The team will continue to work hard to bring an extraordinary experience for our club members.”

Mr Jason Wells, Head of Economics commented, “Well done to Sam Hui (11W) and Sean Lee (11N) for their outstanding leadership of the club, and for bringing out relevant global issues such as climate change for discussion. All students produced work to a very high standard, demonstrating sound knowledge and understanding of their topics. It is my honour to be endorsing the achievements of this club.”

Global Politics & MG20 Club is held weekly, day TBC. Year 7-11 students who are interested in joining the club can sign up on the Gateway next term.