1 Sep 2017

Visiting Author Talks to Students About the Art of Storytelling.

Author, Journalist and Lecturer Nury Vittachi told Year 9 students, that good stories are part of the education of life, on the 29 Aug and 1 Sep 2017.

English students heard from Vittachi who explained that stories are used to soften some hard realities – life and death, love and loss. He used examples from traditional and modern classics stories – all telling the tale of a hero who has a difficult start in life and still manages to overcome challenges i.e. Cinderella and Neno (from the movie Finding Neno).

Year 9 student Beatrice said: “I thought he was really funny, he had some really interesting points that I didn’t know about and his speech delivery was brilliant. I was actually a big fan of Nury Vittachi’s books when I was younger, for example, The Paper Princess, The Day It Rained Letters, The True History Of Santa Claus and the Jeri Telstar series.”

Nury Vittachi teaches students at Poly U’ to write stories and to create content for novels and movies. He is a successful author himself, with more than 20 books in print.