1 Sep 2017

Principals Update – 1 Sep 2017

A big congratulations to Year 12 students who received their IGCSE results, this week. The students’ exam results improve year-on year and 2017 was no exception! All the hard work paid-off.  Some other highlights of the week include,

  • Quest week meetings were held to help students start to prepare for what will be an amazing experience again this year.
  • Sports, music and drama practices got under way this week and students optimism for what lies ahead was very clear.
  • The student decant committee met for the first time as a full group and commenced working through the issues identified by peers.
  • We posted updates on the website with additional information on the decant.
  • Many Year 12 parents attended an information evening which covered a range of topics.
  • The CAS fair was conducted with well over 40 organisations on site to explain to students the opportunities that exist for them to get involved with them.
  • No school days were lost due to safety inspections.

Next Monday night the first PTA meeting will be held at 5.30pm in the library. The topics I will be discussing include:-

  • An overview of how we will manage the decant and the opportunities for parents to be involved in decision making.
  • The next layer of activity to improve communications between school / home.

It would be great to see you there.

I must admit to someone new to Hong Kong the weather at this time of year is taking a lot of getting used to. Monday was chaotic to say the least but it doesn’t matter what you throw at Island School wonderful things happen here!

Stephen Loggie
Island School