17 Mar 2021

Green Week 2021, Trash Your Photos 

 Plastic Free Seas needs your rubbish photos! The NGO has teamed up with Clearbot to build the world’s first fully open source AI (artificial intelligence) model and dataset for trash detection. 

This solar powered robot is 15x cheaper, has 3x the reach and removes 2x as much trash per day compared to traditional pollution collection methods. 

However, in order for this AI robot to learn which trash items need to be collected, it needs to learn the digital programme to identify various trash items. This is where Island School student power comes in!

All you have to do is go down to the beach and take photos of the specified trash items that litter our shorelines here in Hong Kong. They have a few simple guidelines that explain how to take the perfect photo, which can also be found here. Then all you have to do is upload your photos to the Clearbot website, it’s as easy as that!

Their goal is to collect 2,000-3,000 photos of each of their specified items which include things like plastic shopping bags, plastic bottle caps, plastic straws, metal cans, and more. The items list can be found here.  

Aleen Khaimson (10E) said: “This project is the future, it will  make a major difference to marine pollution.”

“Make a direct contribution by snapping a few photos on your phone. It will go a long way to support Plastic Free Seas and Clearbot. Please help support this great initiative.”