17 Mar 2021

Green Week 2021, Searching for Trees

Planting trees is an easy way to help fight climate change and improve the environment in general. If you can’t plant a tree in person, use ECOSIA!

Ecosia is a search engine much like Google but is a greener alternative that helps you plant trees. An average of 45 searches is needed to plant one tree. The company uses the revenue generated from its advertisements and donates at least 80% of its profits to tree planting programmes around the world.  Plus all searches are powered with 100% clean energy from their own solar panels.

Making the switch to this search engine is simple and it is beneficial to the environment. Simply add Ecosia as an extension to your browser and you can start searching. 

Planting trees benefits the environment as it helps reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, fights loss of biodiversity while also preventing soil erosion, regulating water cycles and reducing noise pollution. 

The search engine is safe to use,  privacy-protected and no data is sold to third parties. To find out more information visit https://info.ecosia.org/what.

Happy tree planting!