17 Feb 2017

Thomas Richards Named Winner of Robot Gaming Competition

At the first ever robot gaming competition, hosted by Island School, student Thomas Richards was named winner, on the 11 February 2017.

The competition in, partnership with VEX IQ Crossover, invited teams who have built robots to complete a series of challenges. In strategic, 60 sec matches teams can score points by moving hex balls into different zones. 

Twelve teams entered; eight from Island School, three from Brainchild DIY Workshop and one from Shatin College.
An additional Engineering excellence Award was given to The Harbour School Team who were trained by Brainchild DIY Workshop

Head of Design and Technology Andy York said: “All the students did a fantastic job, building their robots, strategizing and working as a team.” “This friendly at school is good experience for the regional finals next month, the winners of which can go on to compete in America.”