17 Feb 2017

Island Sessions – acoustic lunchtime gigs hosted by the Media Team

The Media Team has launched Island Sessions – acoustic lunchtime gigs. The team film these small lunchtime gigs and posts them on the school’s You Tube account with a profile of the performer.

Island Sessions’ musician of the week is seventeen year old Jonathan Fan. Jonathan is an IB music student who is continually developing his talents as a singer, songwriter, and composer. His love for music started in kindergarten when he performed Cantonese songs with his father at a school fair. He enjoys playing the piano and guitar in his spare time.

Fan: “I chose to play “Let it Go” by James Bay because I wanted to perform a challenging piece (a lot of finger picking) and I love its powerful lyrics.”

Next year he hopes to study Law at Durham University in England. In the future he would like to continue writing original songs and performing at live shows.

(You Tube states the site is suitable for those over 13 years of age)