5 Feb 2018

Theatre Works Does Splendid Macbeth

Elements class Theatre Works! performed a section of Splendid Productions’ ‘Macbeth’ on the 29 Jan 2018.  This was an immersive experience, pulling up some unsuspecting Year 8 audience members onto the stage.  It was a wonderful way to christen the Drama Studio at Island School Sha Tin Wai and bring the two campuses together.  The evident fun and skill of the performers had the Year 8s captivated.  They loved it, really enjoying the slightly unnerving feeling that any minute now they may be asked to perform!  This was a show of real energy and vigour with an innovative set – who knew there was so many ways to murder the cast?!

By Head of Drama Sophie Welsh

The performancer:

Jorja Townson 11W, Olivia Appel 11W, Natalia Elliott 11W,  Natalia Elliott 11R  Anees Chopra 11R Sohana Daswani 11R, Shivank Kotkar 11N Danesh Palkhiwalla 10W,Jaimie Lau 10W, Chloe Mak 10W, Greg Taffs 10R, James Goh 10R, Charlotte Richards 10F, Jordybn Dubinsky 10D