5 Feb 2018

ESF Chef Competition First Round

The ESF chef competition kicked off at Island School on Friday, with 2 competitors from each House being put through their culinary paces with a creativity challenge. Students took it in turns to pick either chicken, salmon or hallouni, they then had a range of carbohydrates and vegetables to cook with.

Their challenge was to create a dish, in one hour, to present to the judges. Chris Lord Head of Food Technology and Hospitality said, “The standard was extremely high and with only 6 places up-for-grabs in the second round, so was the tension! After much deliberating the scores were in and Jenifer Frawley was named the winner with her sweet and sour creation.”

The final placing of students going through to the next round:

6th Adeline Tam (N)
5th Natalie Leung (W)
4th Natasha Wang (W)
3rd Natalie Wong (F)
2nd Ritika Sadarangani (R)
1st Jennifer Frawley (F)

Lord, “Well done to all the students who took part and represented their House.”