28 Jun 2017

The Reading Race

Read a total of 86: books, graphic novels and poems over 11 weeks – this is the challenge taken up by the Year 8 Reading Race team. English Teacher Mrs Sommerville Reading Race coordinator encourages students to read more and try new things such as the librarian’s recommendation, and non-fiction books.

Noah Ullah Reading Race team member: “It was challenging, but during this experience I was able to discover a wider variety of books”.

“It was hard aiming for the target of reading so many books in a limited amount of time, but this experience meant I had to manage my time better. Overall it was quite fun and it will be a memory I hold on to”, Serena Yoon.

The following students that have completed this task was:
Serena Yoon, Noah Ullah, Ethan Yap, Sona Suzuki, Hannah Mulligan, Annabelle Lapham, Hilary Li, Ethan Rajanayagam, Henry Chen, Callum Barkus, Kimberly Ng, Krisha Sheth, Nao Tamura, Gemma Tang, Pippa Yu, Yuka Suzuki and Taiki Lyn.

By Serena Yoon 8W and Ethan Yap 8W

The Great Reading Race challenge for Year 7 is completed over the course of the year. They have sixty two reading related tasks, including writing book reviews and getting recommendations and reading books from different genres. Thirteen students successfully managed to finish all tasks in this race.