3 Dec 2019

The New Student Council and Student Ambassadors

Congratulations to all those who have been elected to the new Sha Tin Wai Student Council and as a Student Ambassador. Each team has committed to different roles and responsibilities. Since their confirmation in post last month some groups have appointed leaders and taken on responsibility for whole school events, talking in assembly and are planning new initiatives for what set to be a very active year


The school ambassadors represent Island School at internal and external events. They meet school visitors and take guests on tours around campus as required. They help organise events and greet visitors to those events.

Man Wai Cheung, Joaquina Yuen, Julie Ho, Arman Sharma,  Jamie Wong, Rachael Adams, Adelaide Orange, Christina Kim, Suneh Bhatia, Ashley Wong, Max Lambert, Jena Volanaon-Kim, Anton Poon, Elliot Chow, Rachel Zhou, Wenxi Chea, Kiera Lau, Piya Hardasani, David Kwok

Wanbo – responsible for environmental projects and green initiatives

Anton Poon, Gobind Thind, Jaime Lam, Evan Wu

Student Learning – the student voice in designing the curriculum

Chloe Mak, Stephen Lane, Rachael Adams, Anton Poon, Man Wai Cheung, Elliot Chow, Jena Valtonen-Kim, Nathaniel Ho, Suneh Bhatia, Barbie Wang, Janice Fok

Sports – Supporting and developing Sports

Wenchy Lai, Ricardo Ng, Brianne Laot, Hidetake Kurata, Rachel Handley, Maria Ho, Jacklyn Park

Community Outreach – developing networks and partnerships with key individuals and groups

Keira Lau, Chasya Cohen, Madhura Tilve, Natalie Chang, Chloe Mak

Arts – Supporting and developing the Arts

Maika Ono, Alison Lai

IS Student Union – Acting as a voice for the student body on wellbeing and charity projects

Vinay Shah, Rachel Zhou, Chloe Law, Nikhita Attaluri, Michael Smith, Dalton Ho, Cassandra Pang, David Kwok,  Ka Chun Lai, Arman Sharma, Greg Taffs