18 Oct 2017

The Best BTEC Bistro, Students Cook Lunch for 150

At a pop-up lunchtime event the Year 13 BTEC Hospitality students cooked and served their own recipes to students and staff, on the 17 October 2017.

Working in small teams the students spent a few weeks: planning their meals, making sure they met all the nutritional guidelines and budget constraints of a school meal, as well as ensuring it could all be cooked in time. All meals were sold for $25.

Menu A
Shredded Roasted Jerk Chicken with Rice and beans and stir fried vegetables

Menu B
Filipino Seafood or Vegetable Noodle Stir fried with fresh spring roll

Menu C
Beef and Vegetable Quesadilla with Coleslaw

Head of Food Technology and Hospitality Mr Lord: “Well done to all the teams, cooking everything from fresh and serving 150 meals in 30 mins is a great achievement.”

“The feedback was all extremely positive and the students worked extremely hard to ensure the quality was the best it could be and that everyone was happy with the food they were served. Thanks to all the students involved and to everyone that came and supported the event.”