29 Mar 2017

Temples, Tents and Tea Bags Inspire Artists at IB and BTEC Art Exhibition 2017

This year’s IB and BTEC Art and Design exhibition 14- 17 March 2017 saw students create sculptures of small glowing tents and large paintings of temples, reporter Priscilla Lee finds out what inspired them.

Senior School Art students showcased their passion, creativity, and talent in their exhibition, with mediums ranging from paintings to prints, sculptures and textiles.

The students have been working on their projects since the start of the school year, when they chose their own emotive topics, including ‘Home’ ‘Hidden Culture’ and ‘Metamorphosis’.

IB Art student Ria Shah said: “I really wanted to connect with my cultural heritage. I was so inspired by the traditional temples and buildings of my home country, India, that I wanted to present their beauty and meaning. I am extremely proud of my exhibition.”

“I worked really hard on it this year, and it not only has improved my artistic skill, but it has also deepened my understanding of my culture. Watching everything come alive at the exhibition was just overwhelming!”

By Priscilla Lee, Media Team

Photos of students' work will be posted after the examining period is over.