29 Mar 2017

Media Team Members’ Article Printed in the Young Post

A writer and photographer from the Island School media team have had their work featured in the South China Morning Post – Young Post in an article about charity fashion show ANAIA.

The article published on the, 26 March 2017, was written by Bakhita Fung and includes photos by her and Yu Kakinoki, both Year 11 students.

In the article Bakhita quotes event organisers, models and students one of whom said ANAIA was: “The best event I’ve been to all year.”

Yu’s photos included in the article picture a model in a full length, yellow and blue gown and a model in a wedding gown.

ANAIA is Island School’s annual charity show led by students. The preparations for the event include, auditioning models, networking with clothing brands, finding sponsors, marketing and budgeting. All proceeds of the fashion show go to Maggie’s Cancer Care Center.

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