23 Jun 2017

Team Work and Creativity, Winning Formula on Tech Day

Team work and creative thinking was the winning formula for the two top teams at the Tech Day challenge this year.

The Tech Day challenge sees teams of Year 8 students working together to make a food product, develop banding and make a point of sale unit. They use skills from Textiles, Design Technology, ICT and Food Tech lessons.

The chocolate makers from Wilberforce won the First Tech Day challenge on the 16 June and the healthy pasties Einstein team won Tech Day on the 19 June 2017.

Curriculum Leader for ICT / Head of Technology, Mark Roper, said: “The teams are given a brief and they have to assign roles and tasks to each other and then consider how they are going to communicate with sub teams in different classrooms.”

“Tech Day is about collaboration but the important thing is that students understand the design process. They think of ideas try them out, change them and find solutions to problems.”
“Well done to all the teams!”