22 Jun 2017

Gold and Silvers Awarded at Spanish Festivals

At the ESF Spanish Speech Festival, 21 June 2017, 40 Island School students performed stories and poems, picking up silver medals in most categories.

In the Junior competition Ananth Shivram (9D) performed ‘Cocoliche el seductor’ in the largest Mexican hat of the morning. In the Senior competition Ben McBride in 12N performed ‘Camello declarado indeseable’ and won a prize for second place.

In the Individual competition Nicole Khaimson in 9E performed ‘Gatos, gatos y gatos’ and won a second place prize. In the Pairs competition Iris Tsui in 10E and Sia Sheth in 10F performed ‘La lluvia’ and won a second place prize.

In the group competition Tim Knight 12D, Dharesha Jhaveri 12R, Dany Cho 12N, Cesar Hoffmann 12R, Joe Reed 12E and Rahel Wijeyekoon 12F performed ‘Ustedes y nosotros’ making the audience laugh with their comic piece.

Overall South Island School took second place and West Island School took first place.

Ananth Shivram

Ben McBride

Iris Tsui and Sia Sheth










In the ESF Spanish Comic Competition Bonnie Tsui (Island School) tied for 1st prize with Catlin Omey (Discovery College). Her comic was chosen as the best in her category as part of a competition that saw over 300 submissions. The judging panel included members from the Consulate of Spain, Consulate of Peru, Hong Kong University and Chinese University of Hong Kong.