19 Sep 2017

Teachers I Will Never Forget – Peters and Burgon

Ms Pippa Peters and Ms Jo Burgon

Without a shadow of a doubt, I will always remember every teacher I had at Island School but there are two teachers that will always have a place in my mind. Those two teachers are Ms. Peters and Ms. Burgon. Ms. Peters has been like a mother figure to all of us in Nansen House. Even though she is just one person, she is an independent support system. She has this quality that makes you feel so much more comfortable in the school environment. Island School can be a scary place, especially when you’re going through the GCSE and IB years. Ms. Peters just helps to make it a little less scary because she always endeavors to make you feel welcome and appreciated.
Ms. Burgon is my IB Biology teacher, and I couldn’t ask for a more energetic, passionate and kind teacher. Just from the way she conducts her lessons, you can see that she has put so much time and effort into it. She really wants students to achieve on their own, with just a little push of encouragement. At the same time, she also has this level of guidance that no other teacher has offered me before. She makes her lessons so interactive and motivates us to connect with what we learn in the lesson. She goes out of her way to create summaries, recaps and post additional resources on the Google Classroom, which she uses more than any other teacher I know!

Chirag Bellani
Nansen House, Class of 2017

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