19 Sep 2017

A Teacher I Will Never Forget – Chan

The teacher I will never forget is Mr Chan. He was my science teacher in Years 7-8 and he is my Senior Head of House (Rutherford). He is a really encouraging science teacher. When I started science I didn’t know if I liked it but he got me interested in it. I remember one lesson he was using a pump to blow into a cows lung but it wouldn’t inflate so he blew into it using his mouth! 

He got us interested in things that we weren’t supposed to be learning until the next year. He would add to our current topic by mentioning things like the meniscus or the periosteum saying “you will learn about these things in the next few years”.

When I got into Year 9 or 10 I reencountered these phrases and I was familiar with them! I hope to take two sciences at IB and do Genetics in the future.

As our Senior Head of House I remember him standing on the sidelines during Year 7, inter -House netball cheering us on and shouting praise. He is a really encouraging teacher that has inspired me each year.

By Alice Zhang
Rutherford House, Class of 2019

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