7 Feb 2020

Teacher for Service Learning and CAS

Island School is seeking to appoint a lead teacher for Service Learning and CAS. The role will work with phase VP’s, curriculum and pastoral leaders to help develop and build experiences around service learning and CAS. It will look to develop service learning from year 7 to year 13 working with key people to develop a continuum of learning.

The role will include overseeing the Creativity, Action & Service component of the IB Diploma, Service Learning in the IBCP and Service as Action in the MYP. It will also include involvement in the Service Learning aspects of the Explorations course at Island School.

The description below is layered on top of a mainscale teachers’ job description. All TLR responsibility holders have a teaching responsibility.


Key responsibilities

Leading the philosophy and development of Service Learning & CAS as the core of school ethos, embedded in the school values.

Promoting Service Learning & CAS in all phases of the school

Ensuring the school has all the correct up-to-date information from the IB concerning requirements at DP, CP& MYP

Working with IBDP and IBCP Coordinator to report student achievement to the IB.

Leading and informing the school tutors, and school guidance staff so that they can adequately support students. This will include relevant professional development.

Communicating effectively and efficiently within the Senior Phase Team and with others in the school and its community. Developing useful contacts and links with external agencies.

Working with Explorations staff to embed Service Learning in this course

Helping teachers and tutors monitor Service Learning experiences through the Evidencer

Ensuring that staff, parents and other students are kept informed about Service Learning & CAS

Publicizing the achievements of students in their Service Learning & CAS

Representing the school in cross foundation discussions and initiatives on the development of Service Learning & CAS, collaborating with the other schools in the foundation and other network partners.

Collaborating with the Guidance, Support and Achievement Teams and other Hexagon/Curriculum Heads as appropriate.

Ensuring that all information regarding Service Learning & CAS opportunities from outside agencies or organisations are consistent with ESF external provider policies.

To creatively explore opportunities for enhancing Service Learning & CAS within the context of Island School.

To be responsible for the annual CAS Fair


Key accountabilities

All I.B. Diploma students meet CAS requirements and IBCP meet Service Learning requirements

Record keeping is accurate.

Resources for Service Learning & CAS meet the needs of the students.

Contributing to the Foundation wide CAS Coordinators Group.

Accountable to the Principal and the relevant VP



High personal expectation.

An understanding of the Service Learning & CAS requirements of the IB

A vision of how to develop the range of contacts needed to deliver the Service Learning & CAS programme.

Enthusiasm, creativity and passion about Service Learning & CAS.

Able to communicate effectively.

Able to plan efficiently and manage change.

Able to develop a coherent, well motivated and effective team.

Able to coach colleagues.

Able to demonstrate a commitment to CPD.


Closing Date: 27 Feb 2020