7 Feb 2020

Teacher for EE / Research

Island School is seeking to appoint a lead teacher for SLP (student led projects) & partnerships. The role will work with phase VP’s and curriculum leaders to help develop and build curriculum around student led initiatives. Initially this will be based around the IDU and the Solo E in year 7 & 8, SLP’s within our middle years curriculum (Elements courses & Explorations) and the Extended Essay in year 12/13 and will look to build a continuum of learning from year 7 to 13. The role will look to develop study skills from year 7 to year 13 working with key people to develop a continuum of learning.

The role will include overseeing the Extended Essay (EE) component of the IB Diploma.

The description below is layered on top of a mainscale teachers’ job description. All TLR responsibility holders have a teaching responsibility.


The roles and responsibilities of the role are listed below:

Student Led Projects

Be responsible for the development of the skills involved for SLP’s across year 7 to year 13.

Work with the Vice Principals and HoD’s to deliver these skills in the IDU, Solo E, Explorations, Elements, the IBDP Extended Essay and IBCP reflective project.

Be responsible for the training and delivery of research skills. This will include ways of research, footnoting and the use of turnitin.

Work with HoD’s to deliver these skills into the wider areas of the school curriculum.

Work with the Library to ensure resources are available for SLP’s and students are aware of these resources.

Work with primary schools to build on and develop SLP’s from year 6 into year 7.

Provide training for staff in the delivery of SLP’s

Meeting and presenting to interested parties and stakeholders, e.g. students, teachers and parents


IB Extended Essay

Be responsible for the EE procedures and assessment in line with the requirements of the IB.

Liaise with HODs to ensure that departments provide subject specific information sessions and support for the students

Coordinate appropriate subject selection and supervisor allocation

Produce student and supervisor procedures, deadlines and guidelines for EE supervision

Provide lead guidance and support for World Studies students and supervisor

Organise the Viva Voce at the conclusion of the EE process

Collate a collection of exemplar EE in all subject areas

Ensure parents are kept informed if students fail to meet internally set deadlines

Ensure the Diploma section of the IS website and the prospectus includes information about the EE that is current and correct

Liaise with EE coordinators in other IB and ESF schools

Keep the Vice Principal (Secondary) informed regarding pastoral or academic issues related to the EE.



Knowledge and Experience

A sound practical knowledge of the IB Diploma and a holistic vision for the importance of the EE

Pedagogical expertise

Previous demonstrated leadership skills will be an asset.

Previous skills in leading groups of people


Personal Skills and Abilities

Excellent record-keeping skills

Excellent negotiation and problem-solving skills

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Commitment to supporting and developing a holistic approach to student well-being.


Closing Date: 27 Feb 2020