9 Mar 2018

Students win Gold and Silver at the North East Asia Mathematics Competition

Gold and silver medals were won by Island School students at the North East Asia Mathematics Competition in Seoul, Korea on the 1 March 2018. A team of 12 Island School students competed against teams from China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, India and Myanmar over three full days (and nights).

Gold medal winners, Anna Choi and Matthew Ling
Silver medalist, Sotaro Ogawa
Other medalists, Matthew Wright, Miyu Terashima and Anthony Leung.

All the medal winners have been invited to the World Mathematics Challenge Finals in Australia in June.

Head of Maths, Mr Matt Fowler said, “The team competed against some of the best young mathematicians in the world.”
“Congratulations to all the students, of the 19 schools that took part, we were ranked 5th overall, which shows the amazing talent that we have at our school.”

“This is three full days packed with challenges, excitement and fun. Students participate in nine rounds of competitions ranging from logic games, code breaking, to traditional mathematics questions. They work both individually and in teams to devise strategies, build models and problem solve.  Students learn to collaborate with others to communicate sophisticated mathematical ideas in creative ways. It is a truly engaging and enriching experience where students get to see how relevant and enjoyable mathematics is.”

“A big thank you to Mr Wong and Ms Chiu for training and accompanying the students.”