9 Mar 2018

Quest Week 2018 – Important Information for Y8-12 Students

Dear Students (and Parents),

We are pleased to announce that the Quest Week 2018 website went “live” on Wednesday 7th March! We have a wonderful and exciting range of overseas trips and local options available for you to choose from, including several new ones. We have done our best to cater for all tastes and hope you will be as excited as we are with what is on offer!!

For students, the Quest Week website can be accessed via the Isle from the new Quest Week Menu at the top. Parents can access the site from the Island School Home page by following the “Life at IS” tab selecting “Quest Week” from the drop down menu and then clicking on the sentence ‘Click here to visit the Island School Quest Week website’ at the bottom of the page. It can also be accessed via the link on the Parent Portal and the link here – http://questweek.is.island.edu.hk/

Quest Week 2018 will be during the week Monday 5th November to Friday 9th November, however most overseas trips will use the preceding and/or following weekend for travelling.

Please read through all the options that interest you carefully. It is important for you to talk to your parents and friends about what you might like to do but, ultimately, you MUST have your parents approval on all the options you consider signing up for (make sure you talk to your parents about the cost of the option and any passport restrictions you might have).

If you are considering an overseas trip please think very carefully about whether you may be involved in an external or re-sit exam during that period. It is your responsibility to check this and make sure you do not have a clash. Please be reminded that deposit payments made after confirmation of your trip are NON REFUNDABLE.

It is also important that anyone who suspects they may be leaving Island School prior to Quest Week 2018  DO NOT choose an overseas option. Please note that deposit payments made on confirmed trips are NON REFUNDABLE in this instance as well as flights will have already been booked.  If it is likely that you will be leaving Island School before Quest Week 2018 please help our planning by signing up to the “I am HIGHLY LIKELY to leave IS” option when the sign ups start. If you find, further down the line, that you will not be leaving we will be able to advise on which options still have availability for you to choose from and we can place you at this point.

If you are certain that you are leaving Island School before the start of Quest Week on 5th November 2018,  we ask that you sign up to the “I am LEAVING Island School” option when the sign ups start.

Please note that there are several pages of options for all year groups, so make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see all pages available and click on each new page. You don’t want to miss out on looking through everything on offer to you!

As you have been told earlier this week, this year we have launched a new sign up system through the Isle that will allow students to sign up for one option plus waitlist for their first choice, if it is already full when you are signing up. Please note that you must be accepted on one option before you can join a waitlist.

In addition, please be aware that, prior to sign up, students who wish to sign up for an overseas trip MUST upload both an image of their Passport Photo page (or China Entry Permit for students travelling to China and who will travel with this document in place of their passport) and HKID card to the system. If you fail to do this the system will NOT allow you to select an overseas option during sign up. If your passport is due to expire before Quest Week please still upload a copy of your current passport. Details can be amended on receipt of your renewed passport once it is received. Full details explaining the sign up procedure are linked here: New System Sign up procedures.  Please take notice of the extra details in the Notes section of the presentation.

The sign up for Quest Week options will open as follows:

  • Y12’s on Thursday 15th March at 8:00pm
  • Y11’s on Friday 16th March at 8:00pm
  • Y8 to Y10 on Saturday 17th March at 8:00pm
  • Sign Up System closes to all Year Groups on Monday 19th March at 10:00pm

Y7’s do not need to sign up as they will all be going on the Y8 Camp. So there is no further action needed for Y7’s at this time, except to get excited and wait for further information later in the year!

Kind regards,

Ms. Sasha James and Mrs. Stephanie Weathington