23 Mar 2017

Student Voted Best Delegate at Model United Nations

At the annual Model United Nations conference Year 12 Olivia Bray was voted the best delegate in her committee, at the Shatin Science Park on the 19-21 March 2017.

Eight Island School students took on roles within the different UN committees including NATO, and the Human Rights Council as well as country delegates at this year’s MUN. Olivia said; “We all got to put days of dedicated research to good use through advocating for our country, writing and debating resolutions and befriending other delegates. Many fascinating topics were discussed, from modern slavery and nuclear weapons to the refugee crisis and renewable technology.”
“It truly was an amazing experience, and anybody interested in public speaking, politics or international relations should definitely consider taking part in MUN.”

Olivia was voted the best delegate in her committee, the African Union, because of her  public speaking skills and her knowledge about the country she represented.

Students involved:
Bakhita Fung, 11R (chair of ECOSOC)
Aayush Batwara, 11N (Ghana in ECOSOC)
Eric Chang, 11W (Norway in NATO)
Sabrina Shaik, 12E (Serbia in the Human Rights Council)
Brandon Cho, 12W (Norway in NATO)
Chak Kei Lau, 12W (Finland in the Human Rights Council)
Olivia Bray, 12W (Mozambique in the African Union)

The students involved would like to thank Mr Jay for organizing the group.