24 Mar 2017

Semi-Final of ESF Chef at Island School

At the semi-final of ESF Chef at Island School, 15 March 2017, competitors were given the brief of Fabulous Fruit – in 1 hour. Head of Food Technology and Hospitality Chris Lord said: “The brief gave students lots of scope for creativity and amazing presentation. The atmosphere was tense as the seconds ticked away with the Juniors (in pairs) and Seniors working on their creations. The judges had a real treat, in this round, as the desserts produced were superb, however there can only be one winner from each section and they were; Junior, Rachael and Nicole in (Wilberforce) with their Strawberries 5 ways and in Senior Charlotte (Wilberforce) for her Berry Trifle Pop Rock Surprise.

Joining these students in the Island School final next month is Bridgette and Krisha from 8R and Anya and Jordyn from 9D. In the Senior round joining Charlotte is Ethan from 12R and Heather from 12W. The winner of the Island School final will compete in the ESF final held at West Island School on 26 May 2017.