26 Feb 2016

Students Stories Shortlisted for the Hong Kong Young Writers Award 2016!

Stories about the Terracotta Warriors written by Island School students have been shortlisted for the Hong Kong Young Writers Award 2016!

The authors Mallika Laul 10FMary 9W and Ravi 7W explain where the inspiration for their ancient tales came from. Mary; “The inspiration for my story Soul, a story about a boy who sees people souls and finds himself seeing souls in the Terracotta Warriors, came from the idea that a soul of an angel is white so maybe when humans pass away, their souls have a colour too.”

“I decided to enter the competition because I never really involve myself in these kind of things and also because I wanted to get back into the habit of writing again.”

Ravi said; “The inspiration and engine for my writing piece New Tales of the Terracotta warriors was the great clay warriors themselves, and how they are still protecting the ancient emperor Qin Shi Huang even after his woeful death. The plotline for my poem was about how the warriors were built, and how in the end, they protected the dead emperor from his inner demons.”

“I wanted to enter this competition because I wanted to test out my writing skills. I entered this competition two years ago, and this time I tried to write a better piece of writing then last time to get at least into the shortlist.”

Mallika’s story titled Belief is about the most terrifying night of her life as the Warriors come alive.