26 Feb 2016

Da Vinci House raising money for Sunbeam House

Da Vinci House have been raising money for Sunbeam House, 18th Feb 2016, a charity that supports the education of children in the Baiwan community in China.

At the lunchtime Da Vinci Carnival seven different acts performed on stage while Year 9 students sold pizza and cakes.

That evening Da Vinci families and teachers came together for a murder mystery party. Head of DaVinci House Mary Lacey-Vittachi said; “Particularly memorable were the performances of Anya Broad 7D and Daanyal Ebrahim 9D as presidential hopefuls!” Josh Keys and Gemma Kwok also sang at the event.

Senior Head of House Kevin Lester said: “We presented the founder of Sunbeam House Dorothy Wong, who was a Da Vinci parent, with a cheque for $18,000 this week. She thanked Island School students and hopes that some of the students will visit Baiwan in the future.”

“The students organise all the activities during the day themselves and there has been an impressive effort from the entire house. A particular mention must go to Noa Horowtiz, Sebastian Lau, Gemma Kwok and Frank Sun, our House Captains,  who have worked tirelessly throughout recent weeks to ensure the success of the events.”

“Thanks must go to all the students who supported the evening, where we raised more than half the money we need to support our efforts in Biawan. Much of this money was raised by the donations made by students and parents for our hampers which were raffled.”

Da Vinci House has worked with Sunbeam House for nearly 20 years, started by two Da Vinci House families; Schwarz  and Wong.