2 Jun 2017

Students Get In The Zone At Careers Fair

Navigating four career zones, students met with experts in their field to talk about future careers at the Island School Careers Fair 2017.

Professionals at the Careers Fair were grouped into zones under the headings of: Health & Wellbeing, Innovators & Creators, Service Industries and Commerce. Students then asked them about their route to success and what they enjoy about their work.

In addition to the main fair students heard from guest speakers including, Music Festival Founder, Justin Sweeting; Georgia McCafferty, Content Programme Manager with the Economist Group; and Chris Liu, Lawyer, Executive Director, Liu Chong Hing Investment Limited.

Alumni Mr Sweeting said, “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school I just loved music and I was…..still am a massive music geek!”  Ann White, Journalist said, “It was very rewarding to tell Island School students about my work and what drew me to it back when I was their age, and how my work in and across journalism has changed yet continues to satisfy me. It was wonderful to see and hear the students’ expressions of interest and observe their growth from Year 8 to Year 12.”