2 Jun 2017



School Counsellor – Island School
Island School is seeking to appoint a school counsellor from August 2017. The successful candidate will join an established and highly proactive student welfare team which takes pride in going the extra mile to support student wellbeing across the school community.

The position on offer could be taken on full-time or as a job-share.

The school counsellor will support the wellbeing of students at Island School in a variety of ways, under the guidance and supervision of the School’s lead Counsellor. This will principally involve working with students, but will also involve contact with parents, teachers and other members of staff. Occasionally there may be a need to link the school to outside agencies.

Main Accountabilities
• Working with the House Guidance team in supporting individual students
• Proactively liaising with the Lead Counsellor and the PSHE team over student issues
• Assessing the needs of individual students who have been referred and planning for a productive path forward. Courses of action will include where appropriate:

  • Working with these students on a regular basis, providing counselling and/or therapy
  • Liaising closely with the Lead Counsellor and the Child Protection Officer over students of concern
  • Referring on to counsellors, psychological services or for medical treatment outside the school (in discussion with the Lead Counsellor)
  • Meeting with and working with parents, as required
  • Supporting teachers, tutors and house staff in their day to day interactions with these students
  • Attending meetings regarding students, when needed
  • Maintaining close links with outside agencies that can provide help and support for our students.
    • Supporting occasional training or information sessions, for both staff and parents, on such issues as emotional health, presenting factors, and strategies for support.


  • Have relevant qualifications
    • Have significant experience of working with children of school age
    • Have excellent interpersonal skills, whether working in a team or on a one-to one basis
    • Be a confident communicator, able to present in front of large audiences
    • Be caring and sensitive to students’ needs
    • Be calm and able to take a firm, objective view over complex issues
    • Be able to multi-task and enjoy working in a dynamic environment

Closing Date: 12 Jun 2017

Applicants must be a permanent Hong Kong resident or possess a valid visa to work in Hong Kong.