17 Jun 2022

Students distribute thank you packages to the local community

To express Island School’s appreciation to the local community, the Back to Borrett Community Engagement team distributed thank you packages to residents of the Pok Hong Estate on Friday, 10 June in Sha Tin Wai. 

Since Island School’s move to Sha Tin in 2018, students have been creating opportunities to engage with community members through activities such as: the Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea, Community Gardening and English lessons. With support from teachers and the PTA, student representatives put together gratitude packages including postcards, face masks and hand sanitizer, more details at this link.

On Friday Principal Mr Stephen Loggie met with the Chairman of the Incorporated Owners of Pok Hong Estate, Mr Wan Chi Kit. They explained the significance of the event, it being the first time students have been able to meet with residents since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Complying with social distancing measures, students split into teams, accompanied by Mr Ross Burrough, Mrs Mary Lacey-Vittachi, Ms Maryanne McPhee, Mr Ryan Yau, and members of the management team to distribute the gratitude packages. Over the afternoon, over 150 packages were distributed.

The Back to Borrett Community Engagement leaders, Sam Hui (12W) and Joseph Lau (12D) explained that they wanted to lend a helping hand to the community as they have been severely hit by the fifth wave of COVID-19.

“We’re so grateful for all the support we have been given both inside and outside of Island School to make this endeavour possible. Over the course of our stay here in Sha Tin, we have flourished thanks to the unwavering support and exceptional hospitality of our neighbouring community – on many occasions we have had the wonderful opportunity to work interdependently and synergistically with our neighbours, forging strong, memorable, and enduring relationships.”

“Although we recognise that this event is only the tip of the iceberg in supporting people during these difficult times, we encourage everyone who wants to make a positive change to make it a reality.”

Principal Stephen Loggie explained, “Being in Sha Tin has opened the eyes of our students to the daily life of Hong Kong citizens. In doing so they have developed extraordinary competencies and have a much better understanding of how they can influence the social fabric in the City.”

This event would not have been possible without the support of representatives from Island School and the management office. The team extends their gratitude to the following:

  • Island School Student Volunteers: Joseph Lau (12D), Sam Hui (12W), Wilson Siu (12R), Hannah Lam (10R), Mei Goto (10N), Jayden Yuen (8R), Lena Kim (9W), Peter Yoon (10D), Luciano Suen (10D), Alexandra Lai (10W), Katrina Hon (10R), Jamie Lee (10W), Kate Yoon (9W), Celine Rusli (10R), Jeremy Yau (9R), Kylie Tam (10N), Evan Zhang (10W), Arnav Gupta (10R).
  • Island School Staff: Mr Stephen Loggie, Ms Beth Hall, Mr Ross Burrough, Mrs Mary Lacey-Vittachi, Ms Maryanne McPhee, Ms Teri Eves, Ms Xin Ying Li, Ms Vicky Hill, Ms Clare Leung, Mr Ryan Yau, Ms Natalie Tsang, Ms Sherman Tong, Mr Tony Chan, Mr Kyle Yeung, Ms Hilary Hu, Mr Daniel Sen, Ms Doris Tsoi, Ms Frances Lai, Ms Flora Ho, Ms Sherman Tong, Ms Amy Yau.
  • Urban Property Management Team: Ms Sarah Chan, Mr Sam Loh, Ms Zoey Cheung, Mr Vincent Cheung, Ms Yannie Lu, Ms Fion Chan, Ms Candy Yeung, Ms Candy Wong, Mr Elvis Wong.


Click here for the activity in picture. 

Article written by Alexandra Lai (10W) and Katrina Hon (10R) of the Back to Borrett Student Leadership Team