27 Jan 2021

Students Contribute to Cleaner Air in Hong Kong

A group of Island School students supported the Clean Air Network, helping them to put together Hong Kong’s annual Clean Air Conference on the theme of Air Pollution: Policies and Progress. The conference took place on 23rd January 2021.

Mr Melville Peter Pradhan, Community Development Officer of CAN, talks about the committee’s engagement with the issue

The annual Hong Kong Clean Air Conference was initiated by the Clean Air Network to enhance environmental literacy among secondary school students. This year’s conference was co-organised by the Clean Air Network and Clean Air Student Council – a youth community consisting of students from different schools. Their mission is to “educate, empower, engage” each other to take action towards air pollution. Leading the meeting was Community Development Officer of the Clean Air Network, Melville Peter Pradhan, who spoke to WANBO in December 2020.

“Air Pollution: Policies and Progress” was the theme of this year’s conference. It featured London-based environmental journalist, TEDx speaker, and author, Mrs Beth Gardiner, and Lead Strategist at Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure, Dr Michelle Wong. The  speakers shared their expertise and experience around tackling air pollution and opinions on related policies. Discussions and activities throughout the conference offered an enriching experience for students.

Sam Hui (11W) WANBO leader, is a part of the Clean Air Student Council, he said, “I was really honoured to contribute to one of Hong Kong’s largest environmental activities – the annual Clean Air Conference. I was intrigued by the captivating and engrossing activities. I want to learn more about the issue of clean air in Hong Kong. It was really motivating and encouraging to see so many people attend the session as it shows that we are aware of the dangers of air pollution.”

“A massive thank you to the inspiring and high engaging speakers who joined us as they provided real insight and context of the varying perspectives surrounding the issue. The Q&A session at the end really provided an opportunity for us to engage in discussions about air pollution. I really enjoyed the experience overall and am looking forward to attending similar conferences in the future.”

“Working with Melville and the Clean Air Network has been an unforgettable experience. It has been a privilege to join Hong Kong’s largest Clean Air conference.”

“Mr Pradhan told us that we’ve achieved a major milestone in getting everyone united to combat one of Hong Kong’s greatest problems.” said Sean Lee (11N) when asked about his thoughts. Sean is another member of the Clean Air Council and WANBO leader.

“It’s a pleasure to join the conference and see the work of Mel and the Clean Air Network,” recalled Tiffany Hoi Ki Leung (11E).

Mr Ross Burrough, Senior Head of House of Da Vinci and WANBO member, commented on the team’s performance throughout. “It is so great to see students finding ways to engage with each other around key environmental issues despite the challenges that COVID has placed on us. These students have shown that environmental activism is very much alive and those that care and have a passion to make positive changes to this planet will find a way. If one thing COVID has taught us is that we are resilient, and nothing will stop students from actively engaging to make the world better.”

As we move forward, we are looking to recruit new student volunteers to help out in WANBO. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Ross Burrough (ross.burrough@online.island.edu.hk). Space on the teams are limited, so early sign up is advised.

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