15 Sep 2017

Student Decant Committee Meeting, 11 Sep 2017


At their recent meeting the student decant committee decided that they wanted to hold a special assembly to remind students of their chance to feedback. Some of the students concerns have already been addressed and the Head Students will talk about these at the special assembly.

Communication Special Assembly – (Head boy & Girl)Remind students about their chance to feedback (email & survey),Address concerns raised,Highlight the FAQ section on the website and the boards at the entrance. PAB, Dylan,
Transition Plan Plan shared with students. Students to volunteer to work in groups with staff over the coming weeks. PAB
Name of Sites Students to consider names for the two sites. Decision made next week to be put to the School Council. Dylan & Karen

Students attending:  Vivian To 8F, Rachel Handley 10R, Arjun Mukherjea 11N, Kaven Wijeyekoon 11F, Charlene Chow 11E, Natasha Wang 12W, Christie Chong 12E, Justin Wong 12F.