4 Jun 2019

Student Awards and Achievements

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements.

Connor Yip (7E) achieved the 5th place on the floor and bar competition at the HKSSF gymnastics tournament.



Sayuri Watanabe (10R) won the 1st place in Individual Ball and Clubs, 1st in Semi-Group Clubs, 1st runner up in Ribbon and the Individual All-around Championship in Rhythmic Gymnastics, at the Hong Kong Inter-school Rhythmic Gymnastics & Artistic Group Gymnastics Competition on 26th May 2019.

Sam Hui (9W) was nominated as one of the student leaders in HKUST Service Learning Program. Students from different secondary schools worked collaboratively for months to prepare and plan a Science and Maths themed service learning day for primary school students. Sam was in charged of planning and modifying the activities to ensure they were appropriate for the participants.

“This was a really interesting and meaningful project as students from different schools had an opportunity to work together. Although we faced difficulties at points throughout the project, we were very engaged, focused and motivated in the planning sessions and tried our best to design the best service learning day for the students” said Sam.

Mr Kelvin Tang, organiser of the event, praised Sam for his great and passionate leadership shown in the project.