17 Dec 2021

STEM X Club Expo 2021

Magnetism, dinosaur extinction, hydro power, these are just some of the topics found in the STEM X Club Expo 2021, held on Wednesday 15 December by the Science Faculty.

This term the Year 7 and Year 8 students in the Island School STEM X Club completed scientific research into magnetism, dinosaur extinction, hydro power, energy from fruits and conditions for mould growth and put together an exhibition to share with their teachers and fellow students. They were highly engaged during the exhibition showcasing new scientific concepts and reflecting on the development of their practical, collaboration and communication skills.

Laura Yong and Charmaine Wong from 7F comment that they enjoyed linking science to everyday real life situations, and working as part of a team to investigate how a simple potato can generate a voltage.

The junior phase students were mentored by a team of Year 12 Science students including Caresse Yang (12D) who said,

“It was a great experience to work with the younger students at Island School and create an extra-curricular activity that stimulated the students interest in STEM subjects”.