17 Dec 2021

Athletics Days 2021

Absent from the calendar for several years, students were extremely excited to hit the track running again on the Athletics Day 2021, held at the HKU Stanley Ho Sports Ground on 10 and 14 December.

All year groups get together to compete in track and field events to collect house points for their house. Over 160 track races and 80 field events took place over the past couple of weeks and on the days, including sprint, race, relay, high jump, shot put, javelin, etc.

This year, due to COVID, restrictions on social distancing and mask-wearing were implemented. Regardless, roars erupted from the stands when runners raced by.

Media Team photographer Angela Chen (12D) said while cheering for her house: “I got to interact with students from a lot of year groups so that was really nice. I also experienced a lot of house and school spirit today and I’m really happy that we’re doing athletics again!”.

2nd place runner in girls Year 10 Nationals 200m Sum Yee Lui (10F) said after the race: “At first, I was nervous and after the race, though I’m in second place, it still feels good.”

Da Vinci Head of House Mrs. Mary Lacey-Vittachi exclaimed: “My voice will not be here tomorrow. I guess the most important part is that we don’t get last. We’re not really competitive enough so it’s kind of cool pretending to be competitive. [The results were] superb. There are some people who put their heart and soul into this and to see them do their best. It’s brilliant.”

Both days featured new thrilling events including an updated typhoon relay and the Spartan Race!

The results of Athletics Day were announced in the Christmas Assembly. Congratulations to the winning house.

Y7-8 Results

1 W

2 F

3 E

4 D

5 R

6 N

Y9-13 Results

1 E

2 F

3 W

4 D

5 R

6 N

Outstanding individual results 

Matthew Frank   13E 400M (55.73s)

Ryo Takayma     12E 800M (2m19s) High Jump (1.6m)

Marco Pirie         12F 100M (11.18s)

Adi Sarma           10W 200M (26.80s)

Michael Yip         10D Long Jump (5.89m)

Nicky Lester        10F Discus (20.73m)

Jeremy Tang       9F 100M (12.39s)

Nicholas Li         8N  400M(1m06s)

Joseph Chan     7W Shot Put (9.41m)

Felix Lee            7N 100M (13.94s)

Clarissa Ki             13F 100M (14.24s)
Queenie Lam        10R 100M (14.29s)

Kanna Gaffney       8W  800M (2m56s)

Ellie Cox                9F  200M (29.25s)

Mei Goto               10N 800M (2m48s)

Tiffany lee             10F Shot Put (7.17m)

Chloe Lee              9F  Discus (15m)

Naomi Lam            8E 100M (14.04s)

Amelie Schulz       7F 800M (3m15s)

Well done to all the students who participated!

Click here for photos of the event.

Article by Stella Chen, Media Team and the PE Department

Photos by Media Team & Communications Team