1 Nov 2019

Ethan and Sophia Winners of Stars in Their Eyes 2019

Ethan Rajanayagam (11W) and Sophia Fournier (10W) won the audience vote with their performance of Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ 2019.

Ten student acts performed songs by a range of artists, at Island School’s annual music show on the 29 October, the audience then voted for their favorite.

“We were both shocked when we found out we had won.” Ethan said, “Everyone is so extremely talented that any of the acts could have won – this experience has been truly memorable.”

The orchestra and choir also performed multiple songs which include: Waterloo, Dynamite, Rewrite the Stars and the crowd pleasing Hey Jude. The teacher choir surprised everyone with their performance of Amarillo – while wearing bright gold helmets (borrowed from the Borrett Road groundbreaking ceremony)!

The voting was incredibly close with just 10 votes separating the top 3 acts.

Music Teacher Mr Phil Tudor said, “Every year we say to ourselves: it can’t get any better. But this does not seem to be the case. In my mind all the finalists were winners, because they were exceptional in their musicality, dedication and determination to be the best that they can be. It’s really rewarding to work with such amazing talent, and it’s a great reminder that Island School is a wonderfully creative institution.”


Raphael Tsang as Ed Sheeran, Perfect

Sintia Faras as Jorja Smith, Don’t Watch Me Cry

Alicia Leong as Lorde, Liability

Natascha Netz as Nina Simone, Feeling Good

Arlynn Morris as Queen Naija, Karma

Ethan Rajanayagam and Sophia Fournier as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, Shallow

Celina Shin, Megan Chan, Chloe Chan as Tamia, Officially Missing You

Saaina Bajaj, Freya Mignon, Jack Berry, Anton Newcomb as Shawn Mendes, Stitches


Barbie Wang, Elliot Chow, Sammi Hung, Danielle Leung, Timmy Liu, Nathan Cheng, Sayuri Watanabe, Godwin Choi, Grace Zheng, Aidan Lung, Alison Tang, Prejsha Bidndal, Zeon Chan, Aaron Yuen, Sean Lee, Trevor Chan, Megan Szeto, Atticus Wong, Yasmine Lunt, Jedid She, Collin Lee, Caresse Yang, Ashley Tong, Edlyn Lam, Hannah Lee, Noriyasu Watanabe, Matthew Gu, Andy Kim, Ingrid Ho, Howard Chung, Man Yan Tse, James Callaghan, Eunice Ng, Johnson Kwok, Audrey Ho, Cato Hung, Alex Sallustro, Elidad Lam, Tammy Cheung, Hannah Wu, Quiton Ng, Yee Ka Lau, Austin Cheng, Sum Kiu Fong, Wilbert Fung, Sum Yee Lui, Seoyeon Son, Andy Chan, Gemma Kim, Alfie Choi, Nathan Chu, Hayley Chan, Issac Yau, Natalie Man, Rhianna Kim, Jaeyun Ha, Jayden Li, Enzo Lee


Tony Luo, Garnet Lau, Bella Broad, Elisabeth Buck, Laurence Wong Ho Lam, Koemi Bennett, Natasha Lam, Jemie Wong, Trinity Au Yeung, Kanna Takayama, Anu Subramanian Senthilkannan, Jerry Qiu, Rapple Ding, Manvi Bhargav, Ho Yan Liu, Rachel Ding, Leah Yau, Alexander Stoker, Ethan Lau, Parina Khiatani, Lara Symmonds, Teddy Liu, Evans Wong, Sera Yang, Su Kim, Christina Cao, Diane Barlier, Adela Man, Summer Tam, Hitomi Ebihara, Anna Kim, Alexa Wong, Ludwig Widodo, Keanu Chang, Andrew Chan, CelineTam, Jayden Chan, Zach Yau, Menaka Menon, Natalie Ng, Anais Lambert, Nicolas Wong, Jeffrey Zhang, Couleur Yoong, Rachel Yoon, Adrian Tang, Jack Berry, Ethan Wong, Freya Mignon, Saaina Bajaj, Anton Newcomb, Zara Bentall, Joshua Cheung, Jodie Chan, Alicia Leong, Priscilla Yan, Chloe Chan, Arlynn Morris, Raphael Tsang, Sintia Faras, Ethan Rajanayagam, Natascha Netz, Megan Chan, Celina Shin, Sophia Fournier, Savannah Morris, Rocio Tripodoro, Anne Van Duinen, Alexander Bray, Janice Yip, Chelsea Air, Kurt Valdejueza

A huge congratulations to everyone who performed!

Article by Sammi Hung and Grace Zheng, Media Team

Click here for more photos taken by Angela Chen, Karen Orito and Noor Rizvi, Media Team